A recent survey by Charles Schwab found that only 25% of Americans have a written financial plan. If you think your close to retirement, do you know the following:

  1. How much money do you need to retire?
  2. When should you take social security?
  3. Do you know your average yearly expenses including yearly inflation adjustments?
  4. Do you know an estimate of your expected healthcare and long term care costs in retirement?
  5. Do you have a financial caretaking plan in the event you are unable to manage your own finances?

These are just a few topics that comprehensive financial planning addresses to provide clarity and peace of mind during retirement. Having a plan can help you enjoy the lifestyle you worked so hard to achieve. Not having a plan can be the equivalent of driving in a big city without your GPS. Don’t let your retirement get lost in the wrong part of town with no one to ask for directions!